What is bloodmallet.com?

bloodmallet.com offers DPS simulation data for everyone for World of Warcraft. Comparing different setups often requires simulations. To ease this need for information bloodmallet.com offers a wide range of prepared simulation data. This way you can get your overview a lot quicker and get back into the action faster. As with all prepared information, the exact context of your character is missing and that can change the outcome. Therefore make sure to regularly simulate your character yourself.

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How is the data generated?

SimulationCraft is used to generate all the data you can find here. Creating the required input to run SimulationCraft and managing the process is done by bloodytools.

What settings are used to create the data?

Setting Patchwerk HecticAddCleave
Profile/Tier Ny'Alotha (T25) Ny'Alotha (T25)
Iterations 20000 (sufficient to reach target_error) 20000 (sufficient to reach target_error)
Target Error 0.1% 0.2%
Max Time 300 seconds 300 seconds
Vary Combat Length 20% 20%
Fixed Time true true
Default Actions true true
Optimize Expressions true true
Ready Trigger true true

Are the charts up to date?

Please check the time stamp at the top of each chart. I'm trying my best to keep all charts as up to date as possible. But please understand that generating this massive amount of data takes quite some time. With enough support via Patreon I'm going to be able to run these simulations in the cloud, allowing a better update circle.

Can I trust these charts?

Yes-ish - they offer an overview. Your own equipment (e.g. azerite traits and trinkets) and talents make your character unique. Therefore, simming your own character is the most effective way to know which performs best. Try out Raidbots, if you haven't yet. And of course: listen to your theorycrafters! General information can get you only so far.

Who contributed?

A big shout out to everyone who took part in the journey to reach this point. Without your feedback bloodmallet.com wouldn't be as smooth as it is. All feedback is highly appreciated, so share your opinion on Twitter @bloodmallet! Special mentions go to:

  • bhalial for creating the logo
  • HawkCorrigan for double-checking js code
  • turulix for providing the logic for relative dps for AzeriteForge import strings

Why do traits grow stronger with increasing itemlevel in the itemlevel azerite chart?

That's primarly the effect of me including the actual item in that dps value too. That means: not only the trait is scaled to that itemlevel but the profile has the matching primary stat increase too.

Why do I see a spike in the chart?

Are you talking about something like this?
Suddenly a 'higher' dps value in the lower area of the chartThis indicates a negative dps value for the entry of that bar. A negative dps value can happen if an actual dps loss occurs due to an APL issue or a bug in SimulationCraft. I'm NOT filtering these out, in hope that they'll be noticed and then somehow fixed. This means for you to ignore this bar for now and keep an eye out for data updates in the future. Or to dig into it and find out what's wrong, so it can be fixed.

Can I use the charts/data from bloodmallet.com?

Yes! Of course! All data is free to use for everyone. Just one suggestion: Don't take screenshots from charts to show data. Screenshots tend to quickly become outdated. Instead have a look at this chart importer. With it you can very easily add any chart you want to your page directly and always get the most up to date information. A shoutout to where you get the data from and some support would be appreciated. Or: Link directly to bloodmallet.com/index.html#shaman_elemental and let your users view the charts here.

What is DPS/Corruption rating mode?

This mode shows you how efficient a Corruption is. The higher up a Corruption is in these charts, the more bang for your buck (more dps per corruption) you get.

Corruption charts in the DPS/Corruption rating mode don't show all ranks?

Blizzard managed to tune Corruption ranks equally, which results them having almost the same DPS/Corruption rating value. To reduce meaningless clutter in the chart, lower ranks than the highest available one are removed from that chart and should be interpreted as their representative.